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We service Cars, SUV's, Trucks of all makes and models

Edmonton's trusted vehicle management facility since year 2000

We service Cars, SUV's, Trucks of all makes and models

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Our Key Vehicle Management Services

Vehicle Detailing

Detailing a vehicle is not merely cleaning it with high pressure. There are many more steps that make vehicle detailing a valuable service. More harm than good can happen if steps are not cleared or the right products are not used.

Out Of Province Inspection

If you have a vehicle that is registered in another Canadian province, you will need to get the vehicle inspected and passed before the Alberta license plate can be issued. If your vehicle is from outside of Canada, there are other requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Vehicle Repairs

All vehicles break down sometimes. No matter how good the maintenance services are, a breakdown can be due to external factors such as weather, accidents, object hits, vandalism, etc. Contact us for all and all sorts of vehicle repair services.

Pre/Post Sale Inspection

Selling your old vehicle? You certainly want the best value! If you are buying an old used vehicle, you also want to ensure that it is in the condition you expect! Being a certified mechanics shop, we can do the detailed vehicle inspection for you; either buying or selling your vehicle.

UBER Inspection

UBER requires an annual safety inspection of your vehicle. We can carry out the inspection required by UBER and help you get going immediately. Not to mention that if you need any repair to make it up to UBER standard, we will do that for you as well.

Tire Service

When the rubber meets the road, anything is possible! We carry out a multitude of tire services. Tire changing, wheel balancing, tire rotation, rim changes, tire repair, and all other tire-related services of your vehicles with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Vehicle Service

Our vehicles are machines! Actually the good ones! We are highly dependent on them for our daily commutes. Due to their daily use, we need to maintain them in a reliable state. Our job as a certified mechanic shop is to check your vehicle, service them and ensure that reliability.

Oil Change

We carry out oil changes for all cars, trucks, and SUVs. The service is super-fast and you won’t have to wait longer than the normal time of change. Oil filter is included!

Remote Starter Installation

Winters are harsh! Especially here in Alberta. A remote car starter is a sort of necessity. Contact us and we will give you an appointment to get it done as fast as possible so that you don’t have to get out of your house just to start the car!

We provide many more automobile services

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Keeping your family closer and cozier

Our service is not only service of your car! We know your family loves it!

When we service your car, our aim is to give your vehicle back in the way that your family feels safe, fresh and loving while enjoying the ride back home