Tire Services

Various tire services in Edmonton

When the rubber meets the road, anything is possible! We carry out a multitude of tire services. Tire changing, wheel balancing, tire rotation, rim changes, tire repair, and all other tire-related services of your vehicles with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We also have custom wheels for your cars, trucks, and SUV.

Tire repair

Tires are made with rubber and metal and are able to handle almost anything. With time, tires get cuts and cracks that are important to manage. We can help you identify the tire condition of your vehicle and point out what repairs you may need to mitigate immediate safety risks. if you have a damaged/punctured tire due to any reason, bring it for us and we can let you know if it is repairable or not!

Tire rotation

We need tire rotation to have even usage and even rubber consumption. It helps in the gas mileage and overall safety of the vehicle with a well-balanced drive.

Summer tire Winter and changes

As the seasons change, we need to make sure that occupants of the vehicle will always be safe on the road. We will provide you with the fastest tire change service for winter and summer. Drop-in… Drive out… almost that kind of fast! (Surely depends on how the day is going!)

Rim services

We carry out all services related to tires and rims. Wheel balancing, alignment, lower rim tires, and whatnot.

Give us a call at 780-450-4500 in working hours or book an appointment via our service request form. All the best!