Vehicle Oil Change

We carryout oil changes for all cars, trucks and SUV’s. The service is super-fast and you won’t have to wait longer than normal time of change.Oil filter is included!

When to change the car oil?

Ultimately it is your decision as to when you want to change the oil of your vehicle. We always recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines to stay safe and keep the vehicle in good working order.

Is your engine oil leaking?

Look for these signs. It can be an emergency as your vehicle is running with a hot engine. 
Check the temperature needle of the car and if it goes over half the mark, it is better to call us. If you see smoke under the hood, again, should call us right away. If you are adding engine oil frequently, contact us. if you see drops or a pool of oil under your car, call us. If the “Check Engine” light is on, come in contact with us.

Why oil is to be changed?

Oil plays the most important role to safeguard engine parts damage. The oil keeps the engine cool by reducing the friction in-between moving parts while the parts are in motion. it also helps to avoid contaminants from depositing inside the engine. Throughout the normal course of a car’s operation, the oil slowly loses its strength to protect because of gradual contamination and heating/cooling cycles. The less driven vehicle on daily basis, the higher the contamination chances because the oil doesn’t reach its full operating temperature. The change of the oil filter is equally important. We must change the oil filter before it degrades and stops cleaning the circulating oil. If it happens, the particles entering the engine won’t be cleaned out and blockage can happen in the oil path, damaging the engine to a high degree, even possibly rendering it irreparable.

It is good to get the vehicle inspected as soon as you see these oil-related signs or the engine may get damaged beyond repair.

Give us a call at 780-450-4500 in working hours or book an appointment via our service request form. All the best!