Vehicle Detailing

Detailing a vehicle is not merely cleaning it with high pressure. There are many more steps that make vehicle detailing a valuable service. More harm than good can happen if steps are not cleared or the right products are not used.

Steps for car detailing


Washing is actually more of a straight process. We need to have right mixture of fully activate suds and wash the car in sections. It is also important to not let the car air dry during the process. Keep the car wet by regular water in the sections that are not washed, warm if possible.The cycle of wash is at least twice.

Interior cleaning

Inspecting and cleaning interior is an important step before or after washing is done. Different type of car seats are to be cleaned differently. The sides and hidden corners are also to be thoroughly checked.Inside the trunk and car door hinges require a good mechanical look and the expected clean up.


It is important to decide what level of protection you want for your car body and paint. Waxing and other processes are carried out to polish the vehicle’s body to protect paint and minor scratches. It also helps to dust off the minor sticking dust, hence improving the overall wash cycle.If you decide to get rid of your minor scratches, there is an altogether different compounding process that needs to be followed to remove scratches safely.


Air dry is NOT a good option. Don’t feel tempted to drive a clean, nice appealing car on a highway to dry it. There are cleaning agents that may react with air. The first and most important way to dry a cleaned car is to dry with towels.There are more intermediary steps that we will carry out to give you an absolutely delightful customer service regarding you car detailing.