Vehicle Inspection for
Selling / Buying

Selling your old vehicle? You certainly want best value! If you are buying an old used vehicle, you also want to ensure that it is in the condition you expect!Being a certified mechanics shop, we can do the detailed vehicle inspection for you; either buying or selling your vehicle.

What to look for in the selling a vehicle?

What is my car worth

First thing to decide is how much you want to sell it for. Are the similar cars selling for the value you are asking? Is your car in a condition where you can ask more than the regularly selling old car of the same description? Do you have to settle with less due to any condition?Talk to us and may be we can help you fix a condition that is currently reducing sale price of your car; in your mind.

Recently done maintenance

If you have done a recent maintenance on your vehicle and it is going to help the potential buyer, highlight it.Certainly this is not the comprehensive list but just to share an idea and prepare your vehicle for sale. If you are buying a vehicle, pretty much these questions are to be asked to the seller!

What are the temporary aspects affecting my car’s sale

There are certainly some temporary aspects that can be fixed to sell the car at a better price. Some examples are fused headlight bulb, dirty seat covers, dirty interior, unorganized trunk, missing jack, broken windshield etc. You get the idea.Contact us to fix all these issues and increase the value of your car.

How quick I want to sell

If you are looking to sell a vehicle in rush, people might take a note of that and try to over-bargain. If you are in rush, contact us.

Maintenance records

Now, if you have good maintenance records and can highlight them it is always good to get more value when you are selling your vehicle.

Status of the car

Different provinces address it differently but essentially it is the the information about any major vehicle damage and registration status of the car. Two major types of regular cars’s sale/purchase are “ACTIVE” status and “REBUILT” status.

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